Erotix Products

Lust Plus (For Males)

Instantly absorbed through the glands in your mouth, Lust Plus is an all natural, homeopathic growth hormone and testosterone enhancer, which increases sexual performance, enjoyment and desire. Lust Plus also helps eliminate premature ejaculation while increasing sexual power, during sex.

Erect (For Males)

Erect is the most powerful herbal Viagra on the market. An all natural formulation that increases blood flow to genitals with an aphrodisiac effect to excite sexual organs. its helps increase sperm count plus improves sexual function and desire.

Sexual Mood Stimulator (Male/Female)

Sexual Mood Stimulator is an all-natural formulation that increases serotonin levels, which elevates mood toward sexual activity. Its helps eliminate nervous tension and anxiety and can create a feeling of being relaxed and sexually stimulated.

Ultimate Stamina (For Males)

(Stay Power Pills For Men) - Ultimate Stamina is the all-natural stay power that most of us need. Creates a feeling of euphoria, while giving you energy, power and increases the libido function. The pill that will, you'll love it.

Pleasure Plus (For Women)

Pleasure Plus in the all natural herbal Viagra for women, designed to increase female sexual desire, pleasure and sexual function. Women are going wild over this new pleasure pill.

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